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To be able to offer counselling, I believe one
needs to have lived amongst suffering, to have
experienced life from many angles.
My therapy room is in my home. It is a safe and
private place, and clients often comment on its
cosiness and serenity.
Seeking a new supervisor can often feel like a
daunting task, whether you are at the beginning
of your counselling journey or experienced.

Counselling From Sarah Rycroft

Deciding to go for counselling can be difficult for many of us. People often feel that their issues are too insignificant to warrant seeing a counsellor, and fear feeling a fraud, or that they might be seen to be "making a fuss about nothing". Others may feel that their problems are far too big, that they might overwhelm the counsellor, just as they would any other person they might share them with. These are entirely normal feelings to have, and would be dealt with sensitively by a professional counsellor. It remains true that, for most people, counselling can be a positive way forward.

Counselling can be used as an aid to personal development and greater self-awareness, to help cope with a personal crisis, such as an accident, work stress, bereavement, redundancy or a relationship breakdown. It can facilitate the exploration of highly sensitive subjects, like child abuse or sexual issues, or be used to work with more ongoing difficulties, like depression, relationship problems, anxiety, phobias and stress.
Embarking on counselling may be a daunting step to take, but, even if you are just considering it, you are on the first rung of the “ladder of change”.  Perhaps you want to explore past experiences, consider new options, change the patterns in your life and reach your true potential. Maybe this is a time when you need to speak to someone other than family or friends.

I offer a warm, accepting and safe haven to explore any of these issues, if you are ready to take that first small step to change. I hope my site will help you to make an informed choice about starting a process that can have positive life-changing results.
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