"I was a client of Sarah for approximately 3 - 5 months.  I was studying at a university and I felt I needed to deal with some emotional issues to allow me to be "stronger, more robust, more open" in a nutshell to become an artist and not be afraid to explore emotional issues within my work.  This involved exploring relationships especially with my mother.  I knew after about the third session that I trusted SR to support me in the work involved and a two hour session was booked in order to use a method that would enable me to recall memories and associated emotions and work through them.  It was as if I was enabled to accept the memories and just file them in the long term memory and be OK with them Sarah allowed me to email her with information about developments.

One example was my ability to be with her dogs.  I was also able to sit with a German shepherd at an art school in London that I visited.  This was a wonderful achievement as fear of dogs has been something that I wanted to work on.  Sessions started on time and finished on time.  I completed a questionnaire during session one which helped me to contextualize why I was entering counselling and I was pleased that my counsellor wanted an overview at the beginning.  Sarah told me that she was moving and leaving the area and I knew that when my counselling ended I would not be able to continue into long term counselling with her. I felt comfortable and curious in the counselling room and I especially liked to focus on art work and sculpture during parts of the session.  I also found the gentle sounds of the chickens outside in her back garden soothing. My work with Sarah has been life changing and overall I am a happier person.  I see my past as enhancing rather than crippling."
"I went to Sarah for help when I hit a crisis in my marriage.  I was attempting to deal with some very significant issues and ultimately came to realise that I was suffering considerable abuse at the hands of my husband.  I decided to leave the relationship and then had to deal with the effects of years of emotional abuse. Sarah was with me throughout and helped me hugely.  She is a very insightful and compassionate lady and helped me to unpick what had happened and ultimately build me up to a point where I could move forward.

Sarah helped me to realise that I was worth something and as a consequence my self-esteem grew.  In addition she helped me to develop the emotional tools to deal with difficulties I encountered in my daily life.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.  She is a very professional and highly competent counsellor."
"Knowing I was unhappy, easily upset and feeling very low made me realise I wasn’t myself and I needed help. It was always a courageous decision for me to approach someone for counselling. I found Sarah online, she wasn’t too far from me and her credentials were impressive. I also thought she had the appearance of someone whom I could trust.

Explaining boundaries and the counselling process at our initial appointment in a comfortable and safe environment help me feel at ease. Right from the start, Sarah listened and encouraged me to talk through my problems. Even when I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere, Sarah proved me wrong. I’d buried things from my childhood, avoided them whilst in the Army, and they all re-surfaced again when I found myself back in the world.

The timeline therapy was particularly useful at the end of our sessions together. It allowed perspective and closure, and a foot hold to push on from. A huge weight was taken away from my shoulders.

Can I give anyone a little advice? Just take that leap of faith, it’s far better than you imagine.

I can’t recommend Sarah enough and I’m eternally grateful. She helped me get through a dark time and arrived back at the life I wanted. I’m emotionally stronger, happier and have my control back.

Thank you Sarah, you’re a star"
"Having separated from my wife, and deciding  I had a few issues with my anger and past that needed addressing, I found Sarah’s details advertised and gave her a call to see if she could help me. She was very approachable, and after a brief discussion we decided to arrange a meet. Her demeanour on the phone made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, and upon meeting her for the first time her professionalism as well as an obvious caring side became very apparent. We met over the period of many months and worked through my issues, to a point where I felt better in myself that I didn’t need Sarah’s help anymore. Through her help I was able to find out why, I was how I was and how I ticked, this means I now no longer have the issues I previously had. Sarah is kind and listens without judgement, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wishes to sort out their issues in their life"
"I have visited Sarah regularly for 18 months although less frequent after the first 12 months. I was in great need of some help with marital problems and my own state of mind. It was a great relief to actually visit Sarah and to talk to someone who could listen and understand my issues. With time Sarah was able to talk me through my issues and to really bring me to a realisation of how I had got there and to increase my self esteem. This helped me to work through to what I wanted to do about the situation. The therapy included toward the end a technique called ‘Timeline Therapy’ which was very good and I learnt a lot about myself from it.

The ‘Timeline’ was very interesting in allowing me to understand more about how to cope with my feelings particularly of guilt. It takes you back to events that at first did not seem so significant, and in my case to an event before I was born which was quite a revelation even if in hindsight it had been in my ‘subconscious’ mind. It was really an extremely good experience that enabled me to understand better myself which in turn has helped me to make decisions to move forward. In fact it has consequential benefits to other aspects of my life also and I know myself so much better which has increased my confidence.

All in all I could not have worked through my issues without Sarah’s help."
"Sarah is a fabulous Counsellor I would strongly recommend her. She is empathic and a great listener.

At times I had overwhelming Anxiety, Sarah's Counselling enabled me to get to the root of my fears, in a safe friendly environment which enabled me to explore painful emotions, I felt totally accepted and not judged for the individual I am, and emerged a much more confident person and achieved a belief in myself that I had never known.

Thank you, Sarah"
Richard  G
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