My therapy room is in my home. It is a safe and private place, and clients often comment on its cosiness and serenity.
As an accredited member of the BACP, I abide by the professional code of ethics, to protect my clients and myself.
I attend counselling supervision monthly to enhance my work, and to keep me in an empowered place, so that I can continue to be there for my clients.
As I am an integrative therapist, I use whichever theory is appropriate to the client and to the issue. Since every client is an individual, my wish is to remain flexible. I base all my therapy around a professional, trusting, non-judgmental relationship.

The counsellor has been likened to the incubator that provides a favourable environment for the hatching of the egg, while the client is the one who cracks open their problem; or, as Erikson put it, “…the actual hatching derives from the development of life processes within the egg”.
On our first session, I offer an extra half-hour free, so that I can make an assessment of your life story and find out what you want and need from counselling.

My philosophy is that we have to have a direction in order to start our journey. By thoroughly imagining a positive counselling outcome, using all our resources and the perspectives of others, we can see new possibilities. From there, realistic goals can be set along the way to reaching that counselling outcome.
At the end of our first session, if either of us feels there is little connection between us, we are each at liberty to end the therapy there and then, with or without referral on.

If we are both happy to proceed, we enter into a counselling contract, which stipulates the boundaries of confidentiality, time, place and payment. This contract is negotiable but it is there for our mutual safety and knowledge of what is to be expected, so that there are no hidden unknowns.

Couple Counselling.

In my experience of working alongside couples with relationship difficulties, I have found the best approach to  be Solution Focus Therapy.

A couple in therapy with me may wish at first to talk about the problem they are experiencing. I will gently shift the emphasis away from the difficulties that brought them to counselling and towards the positive experiences that they formed the past, highlighting the closeness that they once had.
The relationship can then be seen again in a positive light, which is a more constructive guide to the future

 I have also found with some couples, that working alongside them as individuals with their own private issues can be highly effective in enhancing the relationship.
Seeking a new supervisor can often feel like a daunting task, whether you are at the beginning of your counselling journey or an experienced practitioner. My philosophy of supervision is to offer a "good enough" working alliance to facilitate your feeling both safe enough and challenged enough to risk changing and developing. Supervision is a two-way process of shared responsibilities between the supervisee and supervisor. These responsibilities will include monitoring the standards and ethics of your counselling practice. It will involve working to develop your skills, your knowledge and your understanding.

The supervision will also offer restorative time, wherein you will have opportunity to acknowledge held emotions, and to use this creative space to re-energise, re-focus and re-frame, or to evaluate other opportunities to work with this aspect of self. I have many years’ experience of working with a wide range of counselling issues, including depression, low self-esteem, stress, bereavement, relationship problems, anxiety, abuse and sexual issues. I offer face-to-face supervision and, when appropriate, supervision by telephone.


£60 per 60-minute session

£70 per hour for couples counselling

Concessions for student counsellors and those on low income


£45 per 50-minute session

£67 per 1.5 Hours

  Concessions for student counsellors

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